Since its original construction in 1937, 1619 Walnut Street has been the epitome of modern design and technology. Designed and constructed by the renowned Philadelphia architectural company, Tilden and Register, the structure was built for the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company-owned at the time by NBC. The building's connection to television and radio broadcast brought it to the forefront in the advancement of the era's emerging technologies. The original, sleek art deco design featuring a black slate facade was the paragon of modern form and function.

Presently, the "Broadcasting Building" sits in the heart of Rittenhouse Row, the chic, high-end shopping district of Philadelphia. Vesper Property Group has taken 1619 Walnut through a massive transition tending to every detail, stripping the structure down to the core. Reinvigorated by a new cutting-edge facade designed by world-renowned architects Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, 1619 has been returned to its vanguard status as a green, boutique high-rise.